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Organization of the mutual learning session (MLS) for policy makers in Barcelona

15 of October, 2015 - AGENDA

  • 9:30 am – Registration of participants
  • 9:50 am – Opening and welcoming - Javier Tejada (GISME group Director - Professor of Fundamental Physics at the University of Barcelona)
  • 10:15 am – Lecture on “The Ethical and Forensic aspects of the Civil Competences Use at the Old Age” – Adolfo Jarne (University of Barcelona - Professor on Adult Psychopathology)
  • 11:00 am – Presentation of the SIforAGE Project and the Policy Recommendations Guide on active ageing in an  European dimension - Elena Urdaneta (SIforAGE Scientific Coordinator - Basque Culinary Center R+D+i Director)
  • 10:30 am – Mutual Learning Platform: Use and content - Maurizio LorenzattoLorenzo Salvi (Comune di Torino - SIforAGE Project)

        Presented by Cristina Astier (SIforAGE Communication Team - GISME)

    • 12:00 am – coffee break
  • 12.30 am – Round table with Policy Makers on Health and Care models for the Older People  
    • Esther Quintana (Barcelona City Council - Director of the Older People Area at the Social Rights Department)
    • Carmen Espejo (La Caixa Foundation - Older People Program)
    • Mercè Mas (FATEC Older People Catalan Associations’ Federation - Permanent Commission of State’s Older  People Council)
    • Sonia Díaz Casado (Project Responsible - SIENA Association)
    • Feliciano Villar (Professor of Evolutive Psychology and Education - University of Barcelona)

        Moderated by Ander Errasti (SIforAGE Project Manager - GISME)


  1.  Which do you think is the starting point when dealing with Older People Health and Care?
  2.  How Spanish or Catalan institutions elaborate the public policies on Health and Care for the Older People?
  3.  Are they based on evidences and verified good practices?
  4.  Are there any channels in order to ease Older People’s participation on the decision-making processes?
  5.  Is there enough inter-departmental Coordination?
  6.  Are there prevention and health promotion programs for Older People on the areas of Health and Care?
  7.  Do Older People participate on the elaboration of those programmes?
  8.  What could we learn from each other working on an inter-disciplinary basis?
  9.  Do we need more stakeholders’ connections and networks of people working on this issue?
  10.  Are we innovative enough on the way we promote healthy ageing from the public administration? Does it depend on the administrative level (local, regional, state or supranational levels)? 
  11.  In which aspects should we improve or which are the subjects that you may consider that should be prioritised on the Older People’s Health and Care?
  12.  Do you know any examples which have been exported or, vice versa, any foreign examples which could be  imported as a model to elaborate Public Policies on the issue of Older People’s Health and Care?

1:30 pm – Open debate

  • 2:00 pm – end of the session – light lunch


On Thursday 15th of October, Barcelona (Spain) held a Mutual Learning Session with Policy-Makers on Health and Care models for ageing. Organized by GISME-UB, the Mutual Learning Session took place at Barcelona University (UB), and was opened by Dr. Javier Tejada, SIforAGE Workpackage 9 leader and GISME group director.

The Mutual Learning Session was divided in two parts: the first one counted with the lecture on “The Ethical and Forensic aspects of the Civil Competences Use at the Old Age” by Dr. Adolfo Jarne, professor on Adult Psychopathology at Barcelona University. Afterwards, Elena Urdaneta, SIforAGE Scientific Coordinator, presented the SIforAGE Project and the Policy Recommendations Guide on Active Ageing from a European perspective. Finally, the members of the SIforAGE Project Comune di Torino Lorenzo Salvi and Maurizio Lorenzatto presented the Mutual Learning Platform. This Platform is an innovative tool to gather policy makers, with the aim of generating an online space for interaction without frontiers. 

The session finished with a round table of Policy-Makers on the topic of Health and Care models for the Older People. The round table was formed by Esther Quintana, Director of the Older People Area at the Social Rights Department at the Barcelona City Council; Esther Sánchez, representative from the Older People Program of La Caixa Foundation; Mercè Mas, member of FATEC (Older People Catalan Associations’ Federation), and, of the Permanent Commission of State’s Older People Council; Manel Serras, from the newspaper El País and president of the Older People Commission of La Selva; Sonia Díaz Casado, Project Responsible from the SIENA Association; and Feliciano Villar, professor of Evolutive Psychology and Education at Barcelona University.

The Mutual Learning Session was a success and the participants have a lively discussion on the subject. They highlight pressing problems that they face working in the field, such as the mistreatment to older people, the position of LGTB older people, and the promotion of healthy ageing from the public administration. To conclude, the Mutual Learning Session was fruitful for all the participants, and everybody agreed that these multidisciplinary sessions contribute to widen their perspective on the matter and improve their job.


Video of the event

Event presentation video
Event presentation video (3:28 min)

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