Public Events


Organization of the mutual learning session (MLS) for policy makers in Riga

20 of June, 2016 - AGENDA

  • 9:50 am – Registration of participants
  • 10:00 am – Overview of SIforAGE Project
  • 10:10 am – Ageing in Latvia in EU context - Līga Rasnača (Latvia University)
  • 10:25 am – Good practice of policymaking - Anna Stepčenko (Latvia University)
  • 10:40 am – Social innovations for inclusion of seniors - Baiba Bela (Latvia University)
  • 11:00 – Coffee break
  • 11:30 am – Open debate
  • 12:30 am – Coffee break
  • 13:00 am – Introduction to the SIforAGE Mutual Learning Platform (MLP)



June 20 and 21, 2016

Dissemination of SIforAGE results in seminars “Active and healthy ageing - European trends and Latvian challenges” in Latvia

University of Latvia team organized seminars with presentation about SIforAGE project and topical issues on active and healthy ageing (EU context, situation in Latvia, principles of good policymaking, social innovations), followed by an open debate and session on Mutual Learning Platform.

Seminars were open to those from Vidzeme and Rīga planning region municipalities, social services, NGOs and other stakeholders in active and healthy ageing. Vidzeme is the smallest of five planning regions in Latvia.
There are 25 local municipalities (novads) and one city - Valmiera. First seminar took place in town Cēsis (June 20, 2016) and participants represented Valka municipality and Valka Social Service, associations of retired persons from Amata and Valmiera municipalities.
Rīga planning region is the biggest of five regions in Latvia, it consists of 32 local municipalities (novads) and capital city Rīga, concentrating 47% of population in Latvia. The second seminar took place in Ķekava municipality (June 21, 2016) and participants represented municipalities and social services from Ķekava, Ropaži, Jūrmala, Lielvārde, Olaine, as well as retired persons association from Ogre municipality.
Both seminars began with an overview of the the SIforAge project as the context for event.
The conceptual issues of aging Europe and the situation of seniors in Latvia were presented.
The conceptual frame and philosophical foundation of “good society for all” and “nothing on us without us” was presented in the context of good policymaking and SIforAGE motto. The findings from the SIforAGE Social innovation incubator were presented aiming to inspire participants and share good practice examples. The session was interactive with questions answered throughout the presentations.

During the open debates in both seminars the main focus was on the problems of activation and engagement of seniors, on opportunities and good practice examples, as well as relations between local municipalities and seniors.
In Cēsis also relationships with national level policymaking was discussed. The limited possibility to affect national level decisions (even with active engagement) and the limited possibility to implement even good decisions (not just because of financial limitations, but also due to lack of understanding of difficult legislative language) was mentioned.
The generally supportive attitude of local municipalities, but in some cases with limited resources to support seniors’ needs, was stressed. Inequality of provision of services was mentioned - available services depend on budget of municipality, not on persons’ needs. The wide range of good practice examples was shared in both seminars. Actually the importance of experience sharing and mutual learning was stressed throughout the debate.

The Mutual Learning Platform was presented with an introduction on how to use the MLP and how to navigate through the platform - the domains for active and healthy ageing (health and care models, housing, mobility, labour and participation) with the three levels of competence.
Overall, the seminars took place in a positive atmosphere of mutual learning.
Representatives from local municipalities, social services and organization of retired persons leaned from the information provided by researchers on current issues related to active and healthy aging in Europe, Latvian situation and SIforAGE research. In turn, the researchers got rich experience of various stakeholders in relation to policy implementation at local level and older persons' daily lives, needs and diverse activities.